Simplyst Recovery

Our team is here to help your organization roll out chargebacks and shortages from Amazon

Amazon’s vendor chargeback & shortage fees average 6%-16%, These fees are triggered, mostly, by automated systems. The problem with Amazon’s machine-driven processes is that machines make mistakes.

Getting your money back is what we do

Save time & increase profitability

Our team will work to identify root cause, submit and manage disputes and track recoveries while you focus on growing your business.

Types of Chargebacks

A Fee that a retailer charges a vendor for errors and unauthorized changes in shipping the purchase order that does not follow the retailer’s business rules.

Below are the major areas where chargeback occurrence is high

PO on Time

Types of shortages

Shortage claims occur when Amazon believes what arrived at their fulfilment centres differs from what you claim was shipped

Human Error

  • Packing Error
  • Label Error





  • Breakge
  • Lost in transit
  • Partial delivery

Smart Matching Artifact

Amazon will search future orders for the same stock keeping unit

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